May 12, 2021

Intensive Care Bites

ESICM Talk: episode 4


ESICM Talk is a new podcasts series on noteworthy intensive care topics for your learning!

In this fourth episode Prof Giuseppe Citerio, Editor-in-Chief of the ICM Journal, talks to Dr Beatriz Domíinguez-Gil and Prof Francis Delmonico, authors of the paper Expanding controlled donation after the circulatory determination of death, recently published in the ICM Journal.

This International Collaborative Statement aims at expanding cDCDD in the world to help countries progress towards self-sufficiency in transplantation and offer more patients the opportunity of organ donation. The Statement addresses three fundamental aspects of the cDCDD pathway:

  1. First, it describes the process of determining a prognosis that justifies the WLST (withdrawal of life-supporting therapies).
  2. Second, it establishes the permanent cessation of circulation to the brain as the standard to determine death by circulatory criteria.
  3. Finally, the Statement highlights the value of perfusion repair for increasing the success of cDCDD organ transplantation.

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