July 14, 2021

Intensive Care Bites

ESICM Talk: Episode 11


In this episode, Rahul Costa-Pinto, ESICM NEXT Commitee Member, and Johannes Mellinghoff, Chair of the ESICM N&AHP Committee, interview Bruna Brandao Barreto, among the authors of the systematic review “Exploring family members’ and health care professionals’ perceptions on ICU diaries“, recently published in the ICM Journal.

For family members of survivors, the ICU diary is an important source of medical information, provides a way for them to register their presence at the patient’s bedside and express their feelings, and contributes to humanizing the ICU staff.

For relatives of non-survivors, the diary also works as a concrete memory of their loved one’s last days before dying, helping relatives to cope with bereavement.

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