September 20, 2023

Intensive Care Bites

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Multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS) is common after major trauma, affecting up to two-thirds of patients with critical injuries. Post-trauma MODS is associated with a mortality of over 20% and poor long-term outcomes in those who survive. Current management is supportive, and there are no specific pharmacological agents that prevent organ dysfunction.

The TOP-ART randomised clinical trial, a two-stage study, has tested firstly the safety and efficacy of the early artesunate administration on a cohort of severely injured and bleeding trauma patients and, secondly, the outcomes of artesunate administration on trauma patients at risk of developing MODS.

Listen to Joanna Shepherd’s interview in the following podcast to learn more about the study’s results.

Original article: Safety and efficacy of artesunate treatment in severely injured patients with traumatic haemorrhage. The TOP-ART randomised clinical trial

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