September 23, 2016

INVITATION to Scientific Section Meetings

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the Autumn Meetings of ESICM Sections that will be held in Milan during our 29th Annual Congress LIVES 2016 (October 01-05, 2016).

Participating in ESICM's scientific sections’ activities provides a unique opportunity for all members to be involved in the Society's life and scientific pursuits. All sections openly welcome new members to join meetings and get involved – if you are interested, contact the Chair or Deputy Chair of the section you wish to join.

All meetings will take place at:

MiCo Congress Centre
MiCo South Wing, Gate 2
Piazzale Carlo Magno 1
20149 Milan

These are the planned meetings:
Acute Kidney Injury (AKI)    4 October    07h30-08h30    Room BM2
WG Prevention Guidelines    3 October    12h00-14h00    Room BM5
Acute Respiratory Failure (ARF)    5 October    07h30-08h30    Room BM2
WG PLUG    3 October    18h00-20h00    Room Amber 8
Cardiovascular Dynamics (CD)    4 October    08h30-09h30    Room BM5
Ethics (ETH)    4 October    07h30-09h30    Room BM1
Health Services Research and Outcomes (HSRO)    3 October    07h30-09h00    Room BM4
WG Quality Improvement    3 October    09h30-10h30    Room BM6
Infection (INF)    3 October    08h00-09h30    Room BM5
WG on Pneumonia    4 October    14h00-16h00    Room BM3
WG for Antimicrobial Use in ICU    5 October    10h00-11h00    Room BM6
Metabolism, Endocrinology & Nutrition (MEN)    3 October    08h00-09h30    Room BM1
WG on GI Function    3 October    09h30-10h30    Room BM1
Neuro-Intensive Care (NIC)    4 October    08h00-09h30    Room BM4
Nursing and Allied Healthcare Professionals (N&AHP)    3 October    08h00-09h30    Room BM2
Peri-Operative Intensive Care (POIC)    3 October    10h00-11h00    Room BM2
WG PoDeCoD    3 October    12h30-13h30    Room BM2
WG EWAIT    3 October    11h00-12h00    Room Amber 8
WG GDT    3 October    13h00-14h00    Room BM3
Systematic Inflammation and Sepsis (SIS)    5 October    08h00-09h30    Room BM6
The Global Tracheostomy Collaborative    3 October    18h00-20h00    Room Berlin (=Brown 3)
Trauma and Emergency Medicine (TEM)    3 October    08h00-09h30    Room BM6
WG BurnICU    3 October    11h00-12h00    Room BM5
WG on Global Intensive Care    4 October    18h00-20h00    Room BM6
WG Physiotherapy    4 October    13h00-14h00    Room BM3
WG TAHI    4 October    08h00-09h30    Room BM3


Get Involved – Join ESICM Sections & Working Groups!

*Reminder that in order to access ESICM meeting rooms, you will need an invitation/confirmation from the Section Chair. If you are not LIVES 2016 faculty or a registered participant, you will need a daily pass to access your registered ESICM section meeting. Please contact the ESICM office  for more information.

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