December 1, 2022

Our commitment to better health management

A White Paper by the European Health Management Association (EHMA)


ESICM is a member of the Alliance for the Digitalisation of Medication Management in European Hospitals, a group of Brussels-based NGOs, founded in February 2022, advocating for the digitalisation of the medication management pathway in European Hospitals under the c

On the occasion of the revision of the basic pharmaceutical regulation, in the context of the European Pharmaceutical Strategy, the implementation of the EU4 Health programme and the advent of the European Health Data Space, health managers, patients, healthcare professionals and the medical technology industry have joined forces under the Alliance to issue recommendations to the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Member States on fostering the digitalisation of medication management.

The white paper outlines a call for action, providing examples from across of the European Union of the digitalisation of the pathway. Recommendations include:

  • Implement digital systems in hospitals for the effective employment of the European Shortages Monitoring Platform.
  • Enhance patient safety and hospitals’ pharmaceutical systems resilience by digitalising hospitals´ medication management pathways.
  • Support hospitals to scale up and update their IT infrastructure.
  • Provide sustained funding to scale up digital medication management.
  • Develop healthcare professionals’ digital skills and provide trained experts to support change management in hospitals.
  • Standardise and include medication treatment data from ambulatory care and hospitals in the European Health Data Space.


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