Format: Pre-congress course, LIVES 2024 (Barcelona, Spain)
05-06 October 2024

The ESICM Fostering Sustainable Practices in Intensive Care Course aims to provide important insights in the importance of sustainability in the ICU and will finalize with a call for action.

The imperative to embrace environmental sustainability within healthcare is underscored by the many impacts of climate change on public health. The healthcare sector’s contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions is in stark contradiction to its mission of promoting health, necessitating a critical look at how healthcare is delivered. Beyond the immediate and direct environmental consequences, the broader implications of climate change, including increased incidence of heat-related illnesses, respiratory conditions, and vector-borne diseases, place additional strain on healthcare resources, further amplifying the urgency for sustainable transformation.

As a leading and global society in intensive care medicine, ESICM acknowledges this critical moment to lead by example, showing that it is possible to maintain, and even enhance patient care standards while significantly mitigating environmental impact of the activities in the ICU.


  • Sustainable Healthcare/ Challenges induced by climate change
  • The Importance of Sustainability in ICU
  • The Environmental Footprint of ICUs
  • Energy Efficiency and Waste Reduction in Clinical Settings
  • Implementing Green Procurement in the ICU
  • Global Success Stories in Sustainable Healthcare Practices/ Patient perspective
  • Integrating Sustainability into ICU Research & Education
  • The transition to Implementation

Healthcare professionals interest in applying sustainability and green procedures in their ICU/clinical practice

An application will be made to the UEMS EACCME® for CME accreditation of this event.