April 29, 2021

Together we are intensive care

Our commitment to the free movement of Intensivists


Intensive Care was born in the wake of a polio pandemic in 1954 in Copenhagen. Today, it is a multidisciplinary, rigorous, precise, teachable, and highly scientific medicine branch, central to crisis and disasters management.

There are different pathways to becoming an intensivist in Europe. ESICM believes that this diversity has strengthened the discipline. Unfortunately, this has also prevented the free movement of intensivists across Europe.

Facilitating intensivists’ free movement across EU countries has been advocated for a long time by ESICM.

It is now time to think innovatively to shape the future of intensive care medicine.

Read more about our commitment to finding a structured, flexible and long-term solution in the patients’ best interest.

The free movement of intensivists is something we owe to Citizens and Intensivists in Europe. It is even more important for the next generations.

Diversity and Inclusivity are the two values that need to guide the path to a Multidisciplinary ICM in Europe.


Prof. Maurizio Cecconi                                             Prof. Jozef Kesecioglu                                                     Elie Azoulay
President of ESICM                                                  Past President of ESICM                                                President-Elect of ESICM


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