September 9, 2021


Help us improve how we care for our patients and families


In parallel to clinical care for patients, ICUs nurses, physicians and other allied professionals do their best to provide optimal communication and other resources to support ICU patients and family members.

True to its core mission of improving the experience of patients and families, ESICM has initiated a group of studies, starting with the ESICM-Family 1 Survey, to describe ICU family centered-care practices and variations across the globe.

This survey will be the starting point for additional studies, with which we aim to improve even further bedside practices and assist at best family members.

The questions in this questionnaire concern your usual practices, excluding the pandemic period.
You will be asked to:

  • briefly describe the ICU where you work;
  • outline family-centred care before COVID-19;
  • complete the Maslach Burnout Inventory;
  • fill in the Ethical Decision-Making Climate Questionnaire.

We highly appreciate your taking the time to complete the survey and help us take one more step forward in advancing how we care for our patients and families.

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