ESICM 2023 Research Awards

The ESICM Research Awards offer “something for everyone”, from junior to more experienced researchers, and from basic to clinical research.

295,000 euro available for eligible research projects in 2023!

The award ceremony  is set to take place on Tuesday October 24th at 10:30 in the Gold plenary room (MiCO, Milan, Italy) on the occasion of the 36th ESICM Congress Lives 2023  (21-25 October 2023).

ESICM  Family Partnership Award

Any research proposal that centres on the needs, priorities and expectations of patients and their carers will qualify for this award. Other elements such as patient-carer interactions and long-term outcomes in ICU survivors are relevant.

We encourage N&AHP members to apply.

The Family Partnership Award is a sum of €20,000 and is fully funded by ESICM.

2023 Awardee: Susannah Leaver “The VIP-3 study: Decision-making in the older ICU Patient: How are Family Meetings implemented across diverse European Cultures?”.

ESICM  Global ICU Award

The Global ICU Award is intended for projects conducted in a Low & Middle Income Country as defined by the 2022 Low & Middle Income Countries list compiled by the World Bank and approved by the WHO.

The Global ICU Award is a sum of €20,000 and is fully funded by ESICM.

2023 Awardee: Bharath Kumar Tirupakuzhi Vijayaraghavan “Epidemiology and outcomes of Severe Dengue in Lower-Middle Income Countries in South and Southeast Asia”.

ESICM  Established Investigator Award

The Established Investigator Award supports investigators who have already established their independent research programme in the field of intensive care and emergency medicine, and who can demonstrate a commitment to training of young colleagues. The proposal may rely on approaches ranging from basic cellular responses to outcome research, and may include clinical applications as well as translational science.

The Established Investigator Award is a sum of €20,000 which is fully funded by ESICM.

2023 Awardee: Lene Russel “Diagnosis and outcome of patients with disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) in the ICU”.

ESICM  Young Investigator Award

ESICM wishes to invest in young, talented scientists who have the potential to become outstanding independent investigators.  ESICM members aged 40 or younger at the time of applying  are eligible for the Young Investigator Award.

Research proposals may focus on any aspect of intensive care medicine.

The Young Investigator Award is a grant of €20,000 and is fully funded by ESICM.

2023 Awardee: Charles Piercy “Characterization of Endothelial cells in vasoplegia and sepsis”.

ESICM  NEXT Start-Up Grant

The NEXT Start-Up Grant supports the professional development of young and talented researchers with a solid background in research. ESICM members aged 42 years or younger at the time of applying are invited to submit applications.

The NEXT Start-Up Grant offers €25,000 per year for up to two years. This grant is fully funded by ESICM.

2023 Awardee: Gennaro De Pascale “HAP/VAP Diagnosis in Critically ill Septic Patients using a Multiplex PCR Assay: A Multicenter Randomized Trial. The Lightning study”.

ESICM  Clinical Research Award

The Clinical Research Award is for projects carried out in a clinical environment. Some aspects of the proposal may involve collaboration with research laboratories. Applications that lack a clinical component will not be considered.

Proposals may be based on approaches ranging from physiology, diagnostic procedures, therapeutic interventions, to epidemiologic studies and evaluation of practices.

The Clinical Research Award is a grant of €20,000 and is fully funded by ESICM.

2023 Awardee: Rory McDonald “The effect of vasopressor therapy on renal perfusion in patients with septic shock – the REPERFUSE study”.

ESICM  Translational Research Award

The interdisciplinary field of translational science identifies and supports the adoption of best medical and health practices. By creating the translational research award ESICM puts a spotlight on this area.

The Translational Research Award is a grant of €20,000 and is fully funded by ESICM.

2023 Awardee: Anna Kleyman “24-OH-hydroxycholesterol as a biomarker for sepsis-induced brain dysfunction (SIBD)”.

ESICM  Basic Science Award

The Basic Science Award has long supported research in this area. This category covers all areas of basic research from basic cellular and molecular physiology, cell biology, molecular biology and genetics to animal physiology.

The Basic Science Award is a sum of €20,000 and is fully funded by ESICM.

2023 Awardee: Marta Camprubí Rimblas “Effects of hypercapnia and pneumonia-causing bacteria in a lung-on-a-chip model (HyPChip)”.

ESICM  Fundamental Research Award

Groundbreaking intensive care treatments are so often discovered through fundamental research. The new Fundamental Research Award has been created to encourage exploratory research across the broad field of intensive care medicine.

The Fundamental Research Award is a sum of €20,000 and is fully funded by ESICM.

2023 Awardee: Aleksandra Larina “Effects of steroids on ventilation/perfusion match assessed by dual energy computed tomography in pre-clinical models of intrapulmonary and extrapulmonary ARDS”.

ESICM  Levi-Montalcini Biomedical Sciences Award

ESICM is committed to equal opportunity in science and has established this award to encourage women to join the research community.

ESICM looks forward to receiving applications from female scientists and physicians.

The Levi-Montalcini Biomedical Sciences Award is a grant of €20,000 which is fully funded by ESICM.

2023 Awardee: Aina Areny-Balagueró “Synthetic nanocapsules as innovative treatment for sepsis (SPRINT-4-SEPSIS)”.

ESICM  Multi-disciplinary Care Award

The Multi-Disciplinary Care Award has been created to support healthcare professionals who have identified areas of intensive care treatment where research is required and who have perhaps never before considered entering the field of research.

Applications are welcome from allied healthcare professionals of all disciplines relating to  intensive care.

The Multi-Disciplinary Care is a grant of €20,000 which is fully funded by ESICM.

2023 Awardee: Jan Fierens “Impact of antimicrobial treatment strategies on emergence of resistance (BALANCE)”.

Professor Burkhard Lachmann Award

Projects that are pre-selected for the Basic Science Award may go forward for consideration for the Professor Burkhard Lachmann award with the agreement of the candidate.

The Professor Burkhard Lachmann Award is a grant of €5,000 and is fully funded by the International Foundation for Clinically Oriented Research (IFCOR)..

2023 Awardee: Patrick Collins “Accelerating liberation from veno-venous ECMO: a randomised crossover physiological study”.

ESICM Fresenius Kabi Clinical Nutrition Award

The project focus is clinical nutrition.

The  ESICM Fresenius Kabi Clinical Nutrition Award is €20,000 and is fully funded by Fresenius Kabi. The proposals should include at least one country contributing to the design and / or conduct of the project.

2023 Awardee: Arthur van Zanten “Prospective, multicenter study to validate the GastroIntestinal Dysfunction Score (GIDS) and describe prevalence, outcomes, and management of phosphate disorders in intensive care patients”.

ESICM – Jordi Mancebo – Fisher&Paykel Healthcare SAS Award

rojects must pertain to physiological or clinical outcomes of less invasive respiratory support in acute respiratory failure.

The ESICM 2023 Jordi Mancebo Fisher&Paykel Healthcare SAS award is €20,000 and is fully funded by Fisher&Paykel Healthcare.

2023 Awardee: Oriol Roca “Assessing the effect on lung aeration for flow individualization in patients treated with high flow nasal cannula: a physiological study – The iFlow study”.