August 17, 2021

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ESICM Academy: browse the HSRO eModules


Academy eModules are electronic books grouped into categories. They contain updated, peer-reviewed, evidence-based training material. ESICM Academy is accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME).

If you are an ESICM member, you can access for free all the courses available on the Academy. This month, we bring to your attention all the eModules related to the Health Services Research & Outcome Section.

Clinical Outcome Part I-IV

Clinical outcome refers to the results of any healthcare intervention, including the entire range of activities performed in an intensive care unit (ICU). There are many clinical outcomes that can be measured. Hospital mortality is the most frequently used outcome in clinical practice but more and more often the quality of life after discharge is valued by patients, families, health workers, policymakers and all of society.

Organisation and Management

After studying this module on Organisation and Management, you should be able to understand organisational factors that are associated with improved ICU performance, patient safety and outcome and use leadership and team building to solve problems and improve ICU performance.

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