NEXT is... 

In 2012, the leadership of ESICM noted the importance of engaging future leaders of Intensive Care Medicine (ICM), more directly and actively in the Society. To meet this goal, ESICM formed NEXT, the network of ESICM's trainees and young specialists. 


NEXT is represented in the structures of ESICM by a Steering Committee that will speak on behalf of trainees and help shape the future of the Society and of the discipline. The 15 representatives of the NEXT Steering Committee are elected by all members of NEXT. For more information, please see the SOP (2013) found on the ESICM Structure and Organisation webpage.

You are a NEXT member if...

You are a doctor in training in intensive care or a doctor in the first 5 years after qualifying in ICM, and if you are member of ESICM. Please visit 'MY ESICM' and ensure you update your membership details! Not a ESICM member? Join here!

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