Survey of the Month: Paediatric heart/lung transplantation

Survey of the Month: Paediatric heart/lung transplantation


Lung or heart/lung transplantation is rarely performed in infants and neonates. It is generally thought to be a risky and extremely difficult procedure, but it is also true that only a few patients might require this intervention. In fact, only few life-threatening and extremely rare conditions may pose the indication for such an early transplantation. This means that the expertise is not so diffused and this may bias the evaluation of the transplant need and its feasibility and suitability.

The aim of this survey initiated by the ESPNIC Respiratory Section is to understand the current state of paediatric (<12 m old and neonatal lung (or heart/lung) transplantation, including physicians awareness, availability and knowledge about lung/heart transplantation and related conditions across Europe.

It takes only a few minutes to complete this 11-question survey.

Complete this survey now: Click here

For contact information and/or to complete other open ESICM endorsed surveys, visit our webpage.

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