Tele-expertise platform

Solidarity has been a fundamental value of the response of our community to the massive challenges we have faced in the last few years.
Intensive Care Teams have shown the importance of connecting and collaborating to provide the best care for our patients and their families.
Sometimes, critically ill patients are not responding to ICU treatments and rescue strategies, and additional help may be needed.

The new ESICM Link project is designed to connect Intensive Care specialists needing supplementary external advice on a patient’s case by submitting (anonymously) their medical records.

We aim to create a patient-centred network where ESICM members offer their clinical expertise to fellow members to provide the best care for ICU patients and family members and our ICU teams.

What you need to know

Our experts come from high-volume centres and/or have international experience and reputation. Expertise is currently provided on the following topics: ARDS, sepsis shock and severe infection, haematology issues, and ethical concerns.

Link does not cover emergency management or time-sensitive issue, but you can resort to our Link experts when:

  • your patient is unresponsive to the best standard of care
  • you want an additional opinion on rescue strategies and salvage therapies
  • you want to be sure to have explored all the best therapeutic options
  • you need support in communicating with the family members because of language barriers or cultural adjustments to be taken into consideration
  • you are looking for supplementary information
  • you are interested in the management of your team’s burnout and other mental health symptoms
  • you want to learn more about ethical climate and ICU organisation.

ESICM and its experts are not prescribers and do not hold any responsibility for patient outcomes.