European Diploma in advanced critical care EchoCardiography (EDEC)

European Diploma in advanced critical care EchoCardiography (EDEC), is a curriculum in Echocardiography offered by ESICM to practitioners who have acquired a basic level of competence in critical care echocardiography (CCE) and would like to extend their competencies to an advanced level.

EDEC allows participants the opportunity:

  • To acquire the skills used for Advanced Critical Care Echocardiography which relies on the qualitative and quantitative assessment of cardiac structure and function, with particular emphasis on haemodynamic monitoring and titration of care in the critically ill.
  • To receive the relevant training to use Echocardiography as a sequential assessment tool.

Completion of EDEC training and competency-based testing designates that the intensivist is competent in advanced critical care echocardiography.

The EDEC Guidelines will provide you with information on the examination as well as the requirements needed to sit the exam including the definition of supervisor and mentor.


Candidates for EDEC certification must:

  • Be a full time recognised intensivist (provision of certification is required) 
  • Provide a certificate of attendance for a basic course in echocardiography in the last two years
  • Identify potential local mentor(s) for the completion of the curriculum

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To sit the exam, EDEC candidates must:

  • Participate in a minimum 40 hours of advanced courses. Among these, participation in the ESICM Advanced Course  (11 hours) is mandatory. In addition, these 40 hours can include:
    - ESICM EDEC webinars (lectures / case discussions) - more information available here
    - Participation in other advanced echocardiography courses recognised by EDEC (list available here)
  • Complete the ESICM logbook* within a 24 month period (from enrollment date) - more information available here
  • Receive validation from supervisoral board prior to exam participation

* The logbook reflects what has been performed at the bedside by the candidate under the supervision of the mentor(s) and must include a minimum of 100 full Transthoracic Echocardiography (TTE) and 35 Transoesophageal Echocardiography (TOE / TEE) reports.


The EDEC examinations are set out in three parts: 

  1. The theoretical written part (MCQs)
  2. The practical reporting part
  3. The practical hands-on part (OSCE)


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