CoBaTrICE stands for ‘Competency-Based Training in Intensive Care Medicine in Europe’. It is an international partnership of professional organisations and critical care clinicians working together to harmonise training in intensive care medicine worldwide. The CoBaTrICE programme links competencies with syllabus, assessment guidelines and online educational resources. We believe that CoBaTrICE will contribute to improvements in the quality of care we deliver to our patients and their families.

The ultimate aims of CoBaTrICE are:

  • To assure a high quality level education in intensive care medicine (ICM)
  • To harmonize training in ICM without interfering with national specific regulations
  • To allow for free movement of ICM professionals across Europe

This project has been funded by the European Commission Leonardo da Vinci programme (2003-2010).

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Within ESICM, CoBaTrICE is guided by CoBaFaculty and CoBaForum.

CoBaFaculty, composed of:

  • A Chairperson
  • Up to six elected members
  • The Chairs of the Clinical Training Committee, E-learning Committee, Examinations Committee and the Systematic Review Group

Aims and Mission
To maintain, promote and develop the CoBaTrICE programmes on behalf of the Society.

CoBaForum, composed of:

  • The Chairperson of the Division of Professional Development
  • One representative of each National Training Organisation (NTO) that has an agreement with ESICM
  • Observers approved by the Executive Committee

Aims and Mission
To advance the Society’s relationships and shared objectives with other National Training Organisations (NTO) and with other stakeholders related to education and training in intensive care medicine.