April 30, 2019

Why every critical care nurse should apply

Chair of the N&AHP Committee, Carole Boulanger, explains


The Critical Care Rehabilitation Blended Learning Programmes is based on six webinars and looks not just at physical rehabilitation and the importance of mobilising patients early, but also psychological and emotional rehabilitation, including delirium and how to minimise the impact of the ICU environment on the critical care patient.

Carole Boulanger explains that the programme “pulls all these topics together, so that N&AHP can ensure that their patients can be in the best possible condition as their clinical condition improves – to actually move things forward”.

A workshop with the experts leading the webinars will take place in Berlin during the Society’s annual congress.  This workshop offers a chance to interact with the speakers, get hands-on experience and cross-check things you may want to ask face-to-face.

The programme offers N&AHP a “real opportunity” as those taking part will be able to benchmark their knowledge improvement and enhance their learning, going through the course – using the quizzes and MCQs provided at the end of each webinar.

Furthermore, the 25 top-scoring N&AHP will be offered free entry to LIVES 2019 in Berlin, entrance to the face-to-face workshop, as well as funding towards their travel and accommodation in Berlin.

More information and how to register for the programme here.


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