May 14, 2019

What was achieved and next steps

Co-PI of the study, John Laffey, is interviewed about the impact of the study


The WEAN SAFE Study involved 550 active centres. Good quality and useable data were collected from 450 of these, and over 13,000 patients were screened. 6,500 of the patients had spent more than two days on mechanical ventilation.

Data from the database is currently being analysed and compared to other classification systems to measure the impact of weaning on mortality.

Much work still needs to be done to raise the profile of weaning patients from the ventilator, as failure to wean from the ventilator is a key part of the pathway to dying in the ICU.  Healthcare professionals also need to engage the public, who have limited knowledge of weaning.

The next stage will be to clean and work on the data set to make it as robust as possible.

The database closed in mid-April and the preliminary analysis is complete. A definitive analysis and key data will be presented at LIVES 2019 in Berlin.


Co-PI, John Laffey, gives an update of the WEAN SAFE study in this icTV interview and explains what remains to be done.



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