September 9, 2020

Enrol your patients before 30 September 2020

Take part in UNITE-COVID-19 and help advance our understanding of COVID-19



The European Society of Intensive Care Medicine study, UNITE-COVID-19, is an observational, multicentre, international, anonymised point prevalence study to gather data on the outcomes of ICU patients with COVID-19, the incidence of specific patterns, and how COVID-19 is managed from a global perspective.

COVID-19 is continuing to challenge ICUs globally, and will continue to do so until a safe and effective vaccine is found.  Many unanswered questions remain regarding the pathophysiology of COVID-19, particularly in severely ill patients, and no evidence-based treatment is currently available.  Efforts to study the disease should continue in order to advance our understanding of the disease, as well as improve the treatment options.

More than 1500 cases have already been validated in the eCRF platform and there is still time to enter data for patients who were present in the ICU on the day with the highest number of COVID-19 patients in the unit between 15 February and 15 June 2020.

Centre and patient data are to be entered in the study’s database anonymously until 30 September.

Subjects believed to fulfil the eligibility criteria detailed in the protocol will be included in the study and data in all countries, academic and non-academic ICUs and heterogeneous populations of critically ill patients.

The study will gather essential data, including regional differences, the current management of critically ill patients with COVID-19, variability in treatment, clinical characteristics and outcomes, and the incidence of specific patterns, such as:

o Respiratory phenotypes
o Thromboembolic events
o Acute Kidney Injury
o Infectious complications
o Neurological complications
o Cardiac complications

Help strengthen the UNITE – COVID-19 project by enrolling your patients in this valuable study before the deadline of 30 September.

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