May 20, 2020

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 Together we represent a strong, united,
multidisciplinary community of professionals 


Now more than ever #intensivists from all disciplines must stand together and speak with one voice to make it clear what needs to be done to improve Europe’s #ICUs – this unity has been and remains essential for ICUs and for the future of the intensivist community and our patients. Together we are Intensive Care Medicine #WeAreIntensivists #weareicu #togethericu
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Dear colleagues and friends of the ICM community,

As you know, the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine represents the multidisciplinary community of intensive care medicine. We represent general physicians, anaesthesiologists, cardiologists, respiratory physicians, surgeons, nephrologists and others who, together have decided to train and acquire the rightful competencies for becoming intensivists working in Intensive Care.

This valuable diversity of backgrounds allows us all to speak with a strong-unified voice. To this end, we have reached out to each and every one of the specialities working in Intensive Care Medicine, all of which are represented in the UEMS European Board of Intensive Care Medicine, including Anaesthesiology. This step is crucial to reach our objectives and finally acquire for our community the free movement of intensivists throughout the European Union. This unity has been and remains essential for the future of our community.

This important statement and recorded version has been published to be able to reach a maximum number of our colleagues and friends in our community’s network.

We have become aware that the European Society of Anaesthesiology (ESA) has recently circulated a letter to its members proposing to change its name to include Intensive Care. Dear colleagues, let me be perfectly clear, neither I nor the President-elect of ESICM have been consulted by ESA representatives, contrary to what they state in their communications.

Many of us are anaesthesiologists and intensivists. We are confident that all the anaesthesiologists working in intensive care that we represent know that they have acquired the competencies to care for critically ill patients. A title should follow competencies, not vice versa.

This is a time for solidarity and a time for trust, with the only mission being the care of our critically ill patients. Intensive Care Medicine is what – through ESICM – we all stand for.

Let us stay united in approach, be proud of our speciality and what we represent, and to use the platform of our Society to represent the intensive care professionals working so relentlessly and courageously all across the globe, to save lives.

Yours respectfully,

Prof. Jozef Kesecioglu, ESICM President

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