December 18, 2019

A positive end to the year!



My last message to you was sent on the eve of our annual congress in Berlin.  I hope that those of you who took part in LIVES this year will agree with me that this event was a compelling blend of science and social interaction, and I personally believe that some of the best academic papers and results of trials were presented over the three days. 
I also used the time in Berlin to meet with the leadership of a number of European and international colleagues from other medical organisations with whom we collaborate, and chaired a unique meeting with a number of key players from our medical industry partners to discuss the future of intensive care medicine.  A number of useful and innovative ideas were suggested during this event, and we plan to continue this type of contact in 2020.
I am already looking forward to next year’s congress with the same degree of anticipation and expectation.  We have prepared some of the ground work and undertaken a first site inspection visit in Madrid and meeting with sponsors.  The members of our congress committee have been coming to Brussels to discuss and develop the scientific programme.

Since my last newsletter, the Society’s fund, ALIVE, has run a second remarkable sepsis training event in Karachi, Pakistan.  This began with theoretical, two-day symposium at the Medical College of Karachi and 450 healthcare professionals took part.  A third day was reserved for the core group (intensivists) for bedside teaching.   There is no doubt that this is a unique and essential course that the Society can build on and make a legacy moving forward, and I would like to thank all those involved.
Our international contacts continue to prosper and a number of ESICM speakers spoke at the 24th annual CBMI (Brazilian Congress of Intensive Care Medicine) in late October. 
ESICM works very closely with the UEMS for the accreditation of the Master Classes and EDIC and last October, the President elect, CEO and long-standing member of the CoBaTrICE Committee, Hans Ulrich Rothen, were invited to join the UEMS Executive Committee meeting in London to explain the Society’s position with regard to competency based training in intensive care and the European-wide free movement of intensivists with these competencies.
UEMS was able to give advice and support and we now know and plan to take the necessary steps.  With your support, we shall soon contact the European national intensive care societies to exchange opinions and information and we will report back regularly about developments.
The Data Science Section has formulated a two-year plan and its goals can be summarised as follows: 

    • To provide education for clinicians interested in developing or appraising new technology,
    • The promotion of research into clinical applications of data-driven healthcare, encouraging translation of novel computing and artificial intelligence techniques,
    • To drive data sharing across Europe in a legal, ethical and publicly acceptable way,
    • To promote standard setting and benchmarking for Electronic Medical Records and other technologies to make sure technology is aligned to the needs of patients and clinicians,
    • To create a collaborative framework facilitating the collaboration of ICU professionals, data scientists, engineers, legal and ethical experts, as well as engaging industry partners for patient benefit.

Recently, starting with the third goal, Amsterdam UMC has begun sharing large amounts of anonymised data  with doctors and scientists from around the world in the newly-established Amsterdam UMC data base. Amsterdam UMC has collaborated with our Data Science section on this particular project.

Another important event to note in your 2020 calendar is the annual Critical Care Datathon & Big Data Talk in Milan on 31 January-2 February 2020.  As well as our Data Science Section Chair and Deputy, friends and colleagues from the SCCM have been invited to take part alongside ESICM, the first time.  It is evident that the relevance and importance of sharing big data and our collaboration with our counterparts in the US in data science will grow.

So, as you see, the last few months have been filled with much activity and progress and we can now reach the end of this year and decade in the knowledge that we have used the time wisely and productively and also prepared the ground for another important decade to come…

This just leaves me to wish you and your families a restful and peaceful holiday and a healthy and prosperous new year.

Jozef Kesecioglu, ESICM President

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