In Africa, in children hospitalised with severe pneumonia with oxygen saturations between 80 and 91% who did not receive oxygen, mortality assessed at 48 h (1.4%) was comparable to the usual method of oxygen delivery (low-flow oxygen; LFO (2.5%)) and in those receiving high-flow nasal therapy (HFNT, 1.1%).

The potential impact of HFNT on patient-centred outcomes and on resources, particularly oxygen supplies, should stimulate further exploration particularly in children with severe pneumonia managed in low resource settings.

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Prof Mark PETERS. Professor of Paediatric Intensive Care, Infection, Immunity & Inflammation Dept – UCL GOS Institute of Child Health (Faculty of Pop Health Sciences).

Prof Kathryn MAITLAND. British paediatrician, professor of infectious diseases at Imperial College London, director of the ICCARE Centre at the Institute of Global Health Innovation and an Honorary Fellow at MRC Clinical Trials Unit, University College, London. Since 2000 she has been based at the KEMRI-Wellcome Trust Research Programme, in Kilifi, Kenya.

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