Neuromonitoring is considered a crucial and fundamental process to monitor patients in critical care settings.

In this podcast, ESICM NEXT member Denise Battagliani interviews Chiara Robba on the ultimate findings regarding neuromonitoring, including:

  • basics of neuromonitoring research;
  • indications for neuromonitoring of patients who do (not) suffer any direct brain injury;
  • the rationale in neuromonitoring patients with sepsis, COVID-19 and liver failure and the most appropriate tools to use for each of this cohort of patients;
  • the use of neuromonitoring tools during the perioperative period for neurosurgical patients and patients who undergo cardiac and vascular surgeries.


Chiara ROBBA. Consultant in Neuro and General Intensive Care, Policlinico San Martino Genoa, (IT). Chair-Elect of the Neuro Intensive Care section of the ESICM.

Denise BATTAGLINI. Consultant in intensive care at San Martino Policlinico Hospital, Genoa, Italy (IT). ESICM NEXT Committee Member.

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