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Fresh versus older: Has the red blood cell controversy finally been settled?

EJRC Article Review Effect of Red Cell Storage Duration on Mortality in Critically Ill Patients   The standard transfusion laboratory policy of issuing the oldest blood for transfusion first in order to protect available supplies has raised the question of whether this exposes sick patients to potential harm. Despite being stored refrigerated in preservative solutions […]

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SPECIAL ISSUE ~ The ICM Research Agenda

ICM RESEARCH AGENDA (FREE ACCESS)   Michael A. Gillies et al. Current research priorities in perioperative intensive care medicine. Alain Combes et al. The ICM research agenda on extracorporeal life support. Hans Flaatten et al. The status of intensive care medicine research and a future agenda for very old patients in the ICU. Pratik P. […]

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ONLINE FIRST THIS WEEK (FREE ACCESS)   What’s New in Intensive Care ~ Pierre Singer et al. What’s new in trace elements? Editorial ~ Anders Perner et al. Focus on fluid therapy. Editorial (Debate) ~ Alain Combes et al. Do we need randomised clinical trials in extracorporeal respiratory support? Yes. Editorial (Debate) ~ Luciano Gattinoni and […]

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