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(icTV) HOT TOPICS PREVIEW ~ Does the ARDSnet strategy protect against tidal hyperinflation?

(icTV) HOT TOPICS PREVIEW SUPERNOVA In this icTV interview, Alain Combes describes SUPERNOVA: A Strategy of UltraProtective lung ventilation With Extracorporeal CO2 Removal for New-Onset moderate to seVere ARDS. Hear the results of this interesting pilot trial which will be presented by Alain Combes and Marco Ranieri during the Hot Topics session at LIVES 2017 […]

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SPEAKER SPOTLIGHT ~ Luciano Gattinoni

CRYSTALLOIDS AND COLLOIDS: WHAT REALLY MATTERS? KEYNOTE PRESENTATION Your congress would not be complete without a frank talk from one of our favourite speakers, Luciano Gattinoni. We won’t ruin the full surprise, but this long-term LIVES faculty member will focus on one of the hottest unresolved debates still in the field: the use of crystalloids […]

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