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ONLINE FIRST THIS WEEK (FREE ACCESS)   What’s New in Intensive Care ~ Pierre Singer et al. What’s new in trace elements? Editorial ~ Anders Perner et al. Focus on fluid therapy. Editorial (Debate) ~ Alain Combes et al. Do we need randomised clinical trials in extracorporeal respiratory support? Yes. Editorial (Debate) ~ Luciano Gattinoni and […]

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Diaphragm weakness in the ICU: What do we know?

ICM ARTICLE REVIEW Diaphragm weakness is common in intensive care. It is associated with increased mortality and failure to wean from ventilation. Its cause in intensive care is often multi-factorial, due to both disease processes and treatment side effects. Currently there are a number of effective preventative strategies and treatments with potential future treatments under […]

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Terminal weaning vs immediate extubation

(icTV) Commentary on the ARREVE Observational Study In this icTV interview, Randall J. Curtis discusses the strengths and weaknesses of the ARREVE study, which was the first to compare terminal weaning or immediate extubation for withdrawing mechanical ventilation in critically ill patients. What impact will the study results have on extubation strategies in the future? Curtis […]

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