October 2, 2019

Wednesday 02 October, 8.00-8.20, Room Berlin - LIVE ONLINE

Artificial Intelligence in the ICU



Dr Ari Ercole is a consultant in Neuro Intensive Care at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (CUHFT).  He is a Fellow in Clinical Medicine at Magdalene College (Cambridge) and Honorary Senior Research Associate in the Division of Anaesthesia. He became an anaesthetist after completing a PhD in condensed matter physics from the University of Cambridge (United Kingdom).

Ari divides his time between intensive care, anaesthesia and research. His principle research focus involves the physiological measurement, support and resuscitation of critically ill patients, in particular patients that have sustained life-threatening severe trauma. His other interests include data-driven research and developing novel analytical techniques including machine learning and feature discovery for intensive-, acute- and perioperative care.


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