November 18, 2019

How this can help ICU patients receive treatment faster

Amsterdam UMC becomes the first hospital in Europe to make its patient data freely available


Amsterdam UMC has become the first hospital in Europe to make anonymised intensive care patient data freely available for research and healthcare improvement.

This initiative offers hope and perspective for future patients as sharing data can improve treatments.  Tens of thousands of data points are available per patient – mostly from connected monitoring devices.  The use of this data will enable doctors and researchers from around the world to develop algorithms to ensure that future intensive care patients receive the right treatment, faster.

The European Society of Intensive Care Medicine and the Dutch Society for Intensive Care Medicine (NVIC) support this initiative and would encourage other hospitals to follow its example and join public debate on sharing patient data.

Amsterdam UMC commissioned an independent ethics audit before embarking on its data sharing and all laws and regulations have been fully respected.  Access is only given (on request) to qualified and certified doctors and researchers who fulfil strict criteria and who sign an agreement.  Patient privacy is a top priority.


For further information and to read the joint ESICM/Amsterdam UMC/Dutch Society for Intensive Care Medicine (NVIC) press release, click here or contact

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