IC-GLOSSARI: Intensive Care – GLObal Study on Severe Acute Respiratory Infection

IC-GLOSSARI (The Intensive Care GLObal Study on Severe Acute Respiratory Infection) is a multicentre, prospective, observational,14-day  inception cohort study designed and conducted by the ESICM Trials Group to investigate the epidemiology and microbiology profiles of ICU-SARI, document commonly used treatment and monitoring strategies, measure current outcomes and identify potential topics for multidisciplinary studies ranging from interventional clinical trials to fundamental mechanisms of disease.

This study was performed over 4 weeks. Data was collected during two weeks, one week in November 2013 and one week in January 2014 and it sought to answer the following questions:

  • What is the frequency and disease burden of SARI for ICU’s worldwide?
  • What are the aetiologies of ICU SARI?
  • How are SARI patients diagnosed and managed in the ICU?
  • What is the outcome from SARI in the ICU?
  • Is there a difference in outcomes from SARI depending on the aetiology of the disease?
  • Can we identify high-risk categories of SARI that could constitute a defined population for an interventional study?


Sakr et al. The Intensive Care Global Study on Severe Acute Respiratory Infection (IC-GLOSSARI): a multicenter, multinational, 14-day inception cohort study. Intensive Care Med. Seven-Day Profile Publication, Online First™ – February, 2016; Pages 1 – 12


PI Yasser Sakr ~ icTV interview




For more information, please contact IC-GLOSSARI@esicm.org.