Current Research Projects

Extubation strategies in Neuro-ICU patients and associations with outcomes

Very old Intensive Care Patient-study 2: Development and validation of a prognostic score

International Study on NoSocomial Pneumonia in Intensive CaRE

EURopean study on Encephalitis in intensive Care.

Established Investigator Award winner 2017

Weaning from mechanical ventilation: comparison of open-loop decision support system and routine care, in general medical ICU

PRessuresuppOrTvEntilation + sigh in aCuTehypoxemIcrespiratOry failure patieNts

STandard versus Accelerated initiation of Renal Replacement Therapy in Acute Kidney Injury

Incidence of dysynchronous spontaneous Breathing Effort, breath-stacking and reverse triggering in early ARDS

Intestinal-Specific Organ Function Assessment

INternational observational study To Understand the impact and BEst practices of airway management in critically ill patients (INTUBE)

SQUEEZE is a prospective multicentre international observational study of postoperative vasopressor usage

PRospective multicenter Observational study on Transfusion practice in vv-ECMO Patients: The PROTECMO Study

Completed Trials

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List of endorsed projects

Practice Pattern Variation in Discontinuing Mechanical Ventilation in Critically-ill Adults: An International Prospective Observational Study
Lead Investigator: Karen E.A. Burns

DALI – Defining Antibiotic Levels in Intensive care unit patients
Lead investigator: Jeffrey Lipman

The use of MRI derived biomarkers to predict consciousness recovery in TBI, aSAH, ICH and HIE patients
Lead Investigator: Louis Puybasset

AspICU2 – Invasive Fungal Disease in the ICU
Lead Investigator: Stijn Blot

• Prospective, randomised, multi-centre trial of lateral trendelenburg versus semi-recumbent body position in mechanically ventilated patients for the prevention of ventilator-associated pneumonia
Principal investigators: Gianluigi Li Bassi and Mauro Panigada

EGUARD – Early e-guided use of antibiotics related to resistance data
Lead investigator: Claudia Spies

CAPUCI II – Community Acquired Pneumonia in Europe
Lead Investigator: Jordi Rello

MOnIToR – Monitoring Organ Donors to Improve Transplantation Results
Lead investigator: Rupert Pearse

IMPROVE-ICU – International Multicentre one day Prevalence ObserVational study for dElirium on ICU
Lead investigator: Claudia Spies

ELOISE – European mortality & Length Of ICU Stay Evaluation
Lead investigator: Maurizia Capuzzo

EuSOS – European Surgical Outcomes Study
Lead investigator: Rupert Pearse

Lead investigator: Oliver Karam

ReFIT – Resuscitation from Shock Using Functional Haemodynamic Monitoring
Lead Investigator: Michael R. Pinsky

GENOSEPT – Genetics of Sepsis in Europe
Lead Investigator: Frank Stueber

Lead Investigator: Manu Malbrain

H1N1 Flu – H1N1 Flu Registry on Intensive Care
Lead Investigator: Jordi Rello

EURO-BACT– Epidemiology and outcome of Hospital-acquired bacteremia (HAB) in 2010
Jean-François Timsit for the Eurobact steering committee

Lead Investigator: Michael Hiesmayr

IHPOTOTAM – Induced Hypothermia to treat Adult Meningitis
Lead Investigator: Bruno Mourvillier

CoBaTrICE-IT – Competency-based Training in Intensive Care Medicine in Europe – Innovation Transfer
Lead Investigator: Julian Bion

CoBaTrICE – Competency-based Training in Intensive Care Medicine in Europe
Lead Investigator: Julian Bion

CORTICUS – Corticosteroid therapy of septic shock
Lead Investigator: Charlie Sprung

Lead Investigator: Julian Millo

ELDICUS – Triage decision making for the elderly in European Intensive Care Units
Lead Investigator: Charlie Sprung

IPOC – International Programme for Resource use in Critical Care
Lead Investigator: David Edbrooke

PRICE – Physical Restraints in Intensive Care in Europe
Lead Investigator: Julie Benbenishty

SAPS 3 – From the evaluation of the individual patient to the evaluation of the ICU
Lead Investigator: Rui Moreno

SEE & SEE 2 – Sentinel Events Evaluation
Lead Investigator: Andreas Valentin

List of supported projects

• Sentinel Events Evaluation 3 (SEE 3), a Multinational observational study on safety of intrahospital transport in intensive care patients
Lead Investigator: Andreas Valentin, Institution: Rudolfstiftung Hospital, Vienna, Austria

• Monitoring resuscitation in severe sepsis and septic shock ‘MORESS‘, a prospective randomised multicentre study
Lead Investigator: Xaime García Nogales, Hospital de Sabadell, Barcelona, Spain.

• Cardiovascular Monitoring & Management in Austrian, German and Swiss Intensive Care Units – The ICU CardioMan Study
Lead Investigators: Daniel Reuter and Michael Sander

• DecoloniSation strategies in Intensive Care

PROSAFE – Promoting patient safety and quality improvement in critical care
Lead investigator: Guido Bertolini

ASP-ICU – Aspergillus in Intensive Care Units
Lead Investigator: Stijn Blot

EVIDENCE – Evidence of Infection Prevention in Intensive Care Nurses’ Daily Practice
Lead Investigator: Stijn Blot

SATURN – Impact of Specific Antibiotic Therapies on the prevalence of hUman host ResistaNt bacteria
Lead investigator: MJM Bonten

CALOR 2003 – Severe heat stroke admitted to ICUs across Europe in August 2003: an observational survey
Lead Investigator: Djillali Annane

EPIC II – European Prevalence of Infection in Intensive Care II
Lead Investigator: Jean-Louis Vincent

AKI-EPI – Acute Kidney Injury – Epidemiologic Prospective Investigation
Lead Investigator: Eric Hoste

ETHICATT – Systematic Study of General Ethical Principles Involved in End of Life Decisions for Patients in European Intensive Care Units
Lead Investigator: Charlie Sprung

EU-VAP/CAP – Pneumonia in Patients requiring mechanical ventilation in European Intensive Care Units
Lead Investigator: Jordi Rello

GAINS – Genomic Advances in Sepsis
Lead Investigator: Charles Hinds

GLUCONTROL – Comparative effects of two glucose control regiments by insulin in ICU patients
Lead Investigator: Jean-Charles Preiser

EUROBEDHEAD – European evidence-based consensus recommendation on bed head elevation policies for mechanically ventilated patients
Lead investigator: Barbara Niël-Weise


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