March 2, 2021

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You can still register for the End-of-Life Care e-Master Class, which will take place on 3-4 May 2021. Due to the current uncertain context, the master class has been re-formatted into virtual training, making use of responsive innovative solutions.

Endorsed by the ESICM Ethics Section, End-of-Life Care will address how to consider relevant ethical, legal, religious, cultural issues, communicate effectively with patients and relatives to minimize their distress and make clear decisions in accordance with the patients’ wishes.

The e-master class combines clinical scenarios and group activities to facilitate discussion on current clinical topics concerning End-of-Life Care. You will learn from world-wide known experts and also have access to e-learning material before and after the course.

The course is designed for juniors, nurses and allied healthcare professionals with an ICU background or a special interest in End-of-Life Care, as well as senior doctors seeking a comprehensive refresher course in the field.

More information about the programme and how to register here.

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