September 16, 2016

Ready to launch…


ESICM President Daniel De Backer will kick off the 29th Annual Congress on Sunday, October 2nd with an opening session featuring two varied – yet tantalisingly topical and thought-provoking presentations… 


What are the effects of weightlessness?

Special guest speaker NASA astronaut and physician Michael Reed Barratt will utilise his first-hand experiences as a launching point for an exploration of the physical and physiological changes related to space travel in his presentation, "A new physiology: Caring for the extraterrestrial."


Managing post-terror care in the ICU…

In "Terror victims in the ICU: Move on, look back" , Col. Dr. Serge Jennes will draw on his military war time background to discuss managing patients following the recent attacks in Brussels. 

Join us for this Thematic Session:

02.10.2016, 17:00 – 18:30 Room Milan, followed by the opening of the LIVES 2016 exhibition and reception!

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