Foundation Course (Introductory) in Haemodynamics (April, 2023)


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Foundation Course (Introductory) in Haemodynamics (April 18-19, 2023)

Shall you wish to have an introductory view of the field of cardiovascular physiology, with focus on determinants of arterial pressure, cardiac output, basic physiology of shock states, clinical indices, lactate, types of fluids and physiological effects of fluid infusion, norepinephrine, dobutamine, join us in this Level 1. Foundation course (introductory). You may complement it at a later stage with Level 2. The Transition course (application) and and further deepen on the topic at LIVES 2023 with Level 3. The Master (integration and simulation) course in Haemodynamics. 

Registration fees

  • ESICM Ordinary Members EUR 260
  • ESICM Members in training EUR 180
  • ESICM NAHP Members EUR 180
  • Non-members in training EUR 220
  • Non-member NAHPs EUR 220 
  • Non-member physicians EUR 420

*In order to benefit from the ESICM Members rate, please make sure that your membership for 2023 is paid before registering for the course. The non-member rate will be billed automatically if the membership status for 2023 is not validated.

IMPORTANT! A total of 10 places will be offered for FREE to participants coming from Low and Lower Middle Income Countries (LMIC), as per the World Bank classification. If you are interested to apply for an LMIC place, send us your letter of interest and CV to Applicants will be selected based on gender equity, equitable geographical representation, levels of expertise, with special attention to multidisciplinarity and interprofessionalism. Deadline for LMIC applications: March 19, 2023. 

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Registration fees

ESICM Ordinary Members price (290€), ESICM Members in training price (210€), ESICM Members NAHP price (210€), Non-members in training (280€), Non Members NAHP price (280€), Non-member physicians (450€)