End-of-Life Care (2021)


If you opt for in-training or NAHP fee, you are requested to email a proof of your status to education@esicm.org

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End-of-Life Care

End-of-Life Care requires specific knowledge and expertise – and probably also a particular temperament. Join our e-master class and learn how to assess the severity of illness and prognosis, to consider relevant ethical, legal, religious, cultural issues, to communicate effectively with patients, relatives and medical staff and minimize their distress, to boost team-working, to make clear decisions in accordance with the patients’ wishes. Pre-course materials will be available for study. Due to the current uncertain context, the master class has been re-formatted into virtual training, making use of agile virtual environments and responsive innovative solutions. Join us in this new adventure!

Registration fees

  • ESICM Ordinary Members EUR 260
  • ESICM Members in training EUR 180
  • ESICM NAHP Members EUR 180
  • Non-members in training EUR 220
  • Non-member NAHPs EUR 220 
  • Non-member physicians EUR 420


*In order to benefit from the ESICM Members rate, please make sure that your membership for 2021 is paid before registering for the course. The non-member rate will be billed automatically if the membership status for 2021 is not validated.

Additional information

Registration fees

ESICM Ordinary Members price (260€), ESICM Members in training price (180€), ESICM Members NAHP price (180€), Non-members in training (220€), Non Members NAHP price (220€), Non-member physicians (420€)