EDEC Advanced e-Course on IC Echo (2020)



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EDEC Advanced e-Course in Intensive Care Echocardiography (Oct 6 – Nov 19, 2020)

The pre-congress EDEC Advanced Course in Intensive Care Echocardiography will not happen in Madrid this year, but will be replaced by modular webinars of 2h each from October 6 to November 19, 2020.

Registration fees

  • ESICM Ordinary Members EUR 260
  • ESICM Members in training price EUR 180
  • ESICM Members NAHP price EUR 180
  • Non-members in training EUR 220
  • Non Members NAHP price EUR 220
  • Non-member physicians EUR 420

*In order to benefit from the ESICM Members rate, please make sure that your membership for 2020 is paid before registering for the course. The non-member rate will be billed automatically if the membership status for 2020 is not validated.

Additional information

Registration fees

ESICM Ordinary Members price (260€), ESICM Members in training price (180€), ESICM Members NAHP price (180€), Non-members in training (220€), Non Members NAHP price (220€), Non-member physicians (420€)