EDEC Advanced e-Course on IC Echo (Autumn 2021)



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EDEC Advanced e-Course in Intensive Care Echocardiography is a 2-day LIVE virtual course that provides participants with a solid view of the field of echocardiography. A high level of interaction is the core feature of these 2 days of learning. This will be guaranteed through interactive lectures, round tables, case-based discussions, video analysis and debates.

The course will give detailed insights on the European diploma, TEE, echocardiographic evaluation of LV systolic and diastolic function, Fluid status, RV function and pulmonary artery pressure, Valvular disease for the intensivists, and much more.

Pre-course resources will be available for study. Due to the uncertain context induced by the pandemics, the Advanced Course has been re-formatted into virtual training, making use of agile learning environments and responsive innovative solutions. Join us!

Registration fees

  • ESICM Ordinary Members EUR 290
  • ESICM Members in training price EUR 210
  • Non-members in training EUR 280
  • Non-member physicians EUR 450

*In order to benefit from the ESICM Members rate, please make sure that your membership for 2021 is paid before registering for the course. The non-member rate will be billed automatically if the membership status for 2021 is not validated.

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Registration fees

ESICM Ordinary Members price (290€), ESICM Members in training price (210€), Non-members in training (280€), Non-member physicians (450€)