May 17, 2020

Save the Date!

ESICM Webinar – Wednesday 20 May 2020, 16.00 hrs CEST

Critically ill patients in our ICUs may suffer from, among others, poly-morbidities, severe sepsis, trauma, post-surgical complications.  A unique medical nutritional therapy recommended by guidelines may not be adequate.  More personalised nutrition should be considered, that takes into account comorbidities and etiology.

This webinar will provide the tools to target personalised nutritional plans, supported by calorimetry measurement, and discuss timing and how to avoid complications.

Co-Presenters, Professors Mette Berger (CHUV Lausanne and Chair of the ESICM Metabolism, Endocrinology & Nutrition (MEN) Section) and Pierre SINGER (Director, General Intensive Care Department & Head of the Institute of Nutrition Research, Rabin Medical Centre, Petah Tikva, Israel), will answer questions at the end of this webinar, which will be moderated by Prof. Claude Pichard (Dept. of Internal Medicine, University of Geneva).



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