June 5, 2019

Assistance and coaching in abstract writing

Who is it for and when is the next one?


The first N&AHP Scientific Writing Workshop was held during LIVES 2018 in Paris.

Abstracts for the Society’s annual congress, LIVES, have to be of the highest quality and, by encouraging people to come forward and coaching younger intensivists in this way, a standard can be set that will in turn help the Society’s Abstract Selection Committee.

There is clearly a need for this kind of assistance and this workshop is not just for nurses and allied health professionals, as younger intensivists can also benefit.

Attendees have the possibility to contact the trainers afterwards, by email or Skype, to receive further support and feedback.


Workshop Trainer and N&AHP Committee member, Johannes Mellinghoff, offers more information in this informative interview.


Don’t miss the next Scientific Writing Workshop in Berlin on 28 September 2019 (no pre-registration necessary).

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