August 18, 2017

Dear members and colleagues,

The sun may once again have risen over Barcelona, but a dark shadow has been cast over this beautiful and proud city. As I am sure you are aware, yesterday Barcelona became the latest city to fall victim to a terror attack that injured and killed many innocent tourists and civilians. As I write this, I know that many of these victims are being treated by our Spanish and Catalan colleagues.

The European Society of Intensive Care Medicine would like to express our solidarity and support for all of our members, friends and colleagues who have been affected by this terrible tragedy and the scores of other senseless attacks in recent months.  

It is in these dark moments, that we as intensivists and professional caregivers must reiterate our principles of caring for patients and defending of life against any form of violence. 

Together, we remain strong.

Massimo Antonelli,
ESICM President
on behalf of the Executive Committee and ESICM team

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