January 6, 2020

Prague Congress Centre

Knowledge of applied physiology makes you a better intensivist


There are a few hours left to save money and register for LIVES Physiology 2020.

This thematic conference will highlight the importance and understanding of physiology to solve every day clinical problems. Leading experts from around the world will review key physiology concepts – from basic level to the depth required to manage complex and real cases of critically ill patients.

The conference includes frontal lectures, real-case-based participative meetings in small groups and interactive learning with simulation. This event is of value to practising intensive care clinicians, who want to refresh and deepen their understanding of physiology.


Some of the key topics:

  • 6 FEBRUARY 2020 : The lungs, Right ventricle, Haemodynamics
  • 7 FEBRUARY 2020 : Gas exchange & microcirculation, Homeostasis, From bench to bedside
  • 8 FEBRUARY 2020 : Cellular bioenergetics & critical illness, Extreme environments /extreme adaptability, Point of view matters

Register for this three-day conference, which combines thematic sessions and frontal lectures with group-based learning, case-based studies, simulation exercises and ample networking opportunities.

Please note that the Interactive Rotations on Friday 7 February 14:15-17:15 are now fully booked !


Standard conference rate applies from 10 January – 8 February


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