February 11, 2020

Why another sepsis meeting?

Septic shock: From the bug to organ failure


Pedro Povoa, Chair of the ESICM Infections Section and Director of the LIVES Forum 2020, explains why sepsis and severe infections have been chosen as the theme of this year’s Forum.

Despite all the efforts of the Surviving Sepsis Campaign and of other societies, patients with severe sepsis and septic shock can still have a mortality above 40%. The long-term outcome of those who survive can still be improved.

This conference will be an opportunity to study and develop strategies, pass on knowledge and improve patient outcome and early diagnosis.
The programme includes a very broad spectrum of speakers. As well as frontal lectures, there will be opportunities to “cross talk” in small groups with senior and younger clinicians and researchers of different backgrounds and experiences in an open and interactive way.

Registration is now open for this three-day thematic conference. Book your place and save money :

Early Deadline April 2nd
Standard Deadline April 3rd to May 16th


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