January 28, 2019

Advanced training for N&AHP

How the Art of Trauma Master Class addresses the whole ICU team


The Art of Trauma Care Master Class is an occasion for participants to discuss and share their different approaches, knowledge and experiences of trauma management, which others can learn from to improve their patients’ outcome.

Designed for junior and senior physicians and nurses with a special interest in trauma, attendees work together on different simulation exercises and practical scenarios to practise technical skills, such as intubation and the ABCD approach.   The equally important non-technical skills, like team work and communication, are given just as much prominence.

Used together, these skills can help devise strategies to assess trauma patients, from beginning to end and to develop trauma teams in the ICU.

The additional benefits of networking with intensive care professionals from the whole of Europe cannot be underestimated.


Steven Simpson, Honorary Lecturer Salford University, Advanced Critical Care Practitioner, Stockport Foundation NHS Trust (UK) and course trainer outlines the Master Class.


The next Art of Trauma Care Master Class will take place in Brussels at the ESICM Training Centre on 26-27 November 2019.

For more information and to view the course programme, click here


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