March 13, 2019

Increased submissions and citations

How the journal is evolving under the new Editor-in-Chief


The new ICMx Editor-in-chief, Peter Radermacher, is very much encouraged by the volume of citations and papers received in 2018 and has recorded a 30% increase in the number of submissions in January 2019.  More manuscripts would be welcome in the future.

Geographical spread of submissions is very broad and includes Europe, Japan, Australia, Canada and the US.

Some of the papers published in the last twelve months have 20 citations in high-ranking reviews – from pharmacology and physiology reviews to others beyond the domain of intensive care medicine.  It is satisfying to see that the journal’s readership reads and appreciates its content.

Although the journal has not yet received an official impact factor, using the algorithm for the IF, the journal could have one of more than 3.0, which would be as high as some of the more established critical care journals.

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