June 24, 2016


June 24th 2016

Original ~ Mortality and pulmonary mechanics in relation to respiratory system and transpulmonary driving pressures in ARDS. Elias Baedorf Kassis, Stephen H. Loring, Daniel Talmor       

Paediatric Original ~ Paediatric extubation readiness tests should not use pressure support. Robinder G. Khemani, Justin Hotz, Rica Morzov, Rutger C. Flink, Asvari Kamerkar, Marie LaFortune, Gerrard F. Rafferty, Patrick A. Ross, Christopher J. L. Newth        

Seven-Day Profile Publication ~ Comparison of alcoholic chlorhexidine and povidone–iodine cutaneous antiseptics for the prevention of central venous catheter-related infection: a cohort and quasi-experimental multicenter study. Justine Pages, Pascal Hazera, Bruno Mégarbane, Damien du Cheyron, Marie Thuong, Jean-Jacques Dutheil, Xavier Valette, François Fournel, Leonard A. Mermel, Jean-Paul Mira, Cédric Daubin, Jean-Jacques Parienti        

Review ~ Community-acquired pneumonia related to intracellular pathogens. Catia Cillóniz, Antoni Torres, Michael Niederman, Menno van der Eerden, James Chalmers, Tobias Welte, Francesco Blasi        

Letter ~ Postmortem coronary CT angiography. Lionel Arrivé, Claire Pichereau, Laurence Monnier-Cholley, Simon Bourcier, Catherine Phan, Eric Maury       

What's New in Intensive Care ~ Is the macrocirculation really dissociated from the microcirculation in septic shock? Glenn Hernández, Jean-Louis Teboul        

What's New in Intensive Care ~ What’s new in focused assessment with sonography: ballistic trauma. Matthieu Legrand, Rob Russell       

Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine ~ A rare cause of subcutaneous crepitation. Lin-Pierre Zhao, Jacques Tankovic, Dominique Decré, Eric Maury        

Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine ~ A giant epiglottic cyst. Yasuyuki Chida, Ryota Inokuchi, Yoshibumi Kumada, Kazuaki Shinohara      

Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine ~ Coagulopathy in fulminant liver failure with ultimately fatal clot formation. Patrick John Kennelly, Terence Farrell, Ignacio Martin-Loeches     

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