TAHI plays a regular role in the ESICM by contributing to the major meetings. The TAHI group holds its annual meeting at the ESICM congress and launched the highly popular “Tech Lounge” at LIVES 2018 in Vienna.

From 1999-2003 a Technology Assessment of Monitoring and Organ Support ESICM section has held pre-congress workshops in conjunction with industry. In 2002 this section moved in the direction of Health Informatics. As a result the section changed its name in 2004 from ‘Technology Assessment (TA)’ to ‘Technology Assessment and Health Informatics (TAHI)’. The Section has now published six monographs based on these pre-congress workshops, and in addition has contributed a PACT module on Technology Assessment.

In 2011 the ESICM Council Commitee decided to give a broader audience to the TAHI section by re-creating it as a Transversal Working Goup (TAHI WG). The objectives are summarised in the Minutes of the BERLIN TAHI WG business meeting. 

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Position Firstname Lastname City Country
Chair Theodoros Kyprianou Cyprus
Deputy Marius Terblanche United Kingdom