LIVES Forum, 14-16 May 2020, Trinity College, Dublin

Septic shock: From the bug to organ failure

Infection and Severe Sepsis are still important causes of death in ICU worldwide despite all the research of the last decades. Apart from early diagnosis, optimal organ support and early adequate antibiotics, no single adjunctive therapy has been shown to be safe and effective. Looking at the interaction of the pathogen, the host and the treatment could lead to a better understanding of the underlying processes and ideally to a more personalised medicine.


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> Key Topics

  • Sepsis: the pathogen, the host and the treatment
  • Immunity pathways involved in sepsis
  • Severe infections and optimal antibiotic therapy
  • Management of septic shock and multiorgan failure

> Conference Directors

  • Ferrer Roca Ricard (Chair, Systemic Inflammation and Sepsis Section, ESICM)
  • Girbes Armand (Chair, Division of Scientific Affairs, ESICM)
  • Martin-Loeches Ignacio (Chair, CoBa, ESICM)
  • Povoa Pedro (Chair, Infection Section, ESICM)

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> Faculty (TBC)

  • Asehnoune Karim
  • Brohan Janette
  • Cecconi Maurizio
  • Chastre Jean
  • Colreavy Francis
  • Connolly Elizabeth
  • Curley Gerard
  • De Waele Jan
  • Derde Lennie
  • Diaz Janet Victoria
  • Donnelly Maria
  • Ercole Ari
  • Fahy Arabella
  • Farre Ramon
  • Ferreira Moita Luis
  • Ferrer Roca Ricard
  • Girbes Armand
  • Kesecioglu Jozef
  • Laffey John
  • Marsh Brian
  • Martin-Loeches Ignacio
  • Motherway Catherine
  • Nix Catherine
  • Nogue Ramon
  • O’Neill Luke
  • Povoa Pedro
  • Smith Stephen G.
  • Timsit Jean-François
  • Vieillard-Baron Antoine
  • Wong Adrian

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