September 5, 2019

A multinational cohort study

Epidemiology and determinants of outcomes of hospital acquired blood stream infections in ICU


Eurobact 2 was developed by the ESICM Infection Section specifically to:

  • Make AMR a priority in research activities;
  • Document Gram Negative AMR infection from a global perspective;
  • Collect data on treatment and outcome of XDR/PDR infections.

Furthermore recent changes in the overall management of patients with sepsis and shock and a reported change in prognosis makes it urgent to obtain current data on HA-BSI in the critically ill.

The Eurobact 2 Study will provide new insights on the management of critically ill patients with severe infections and difficult to treat pathogens. Eight years after the first Eurobact study the epidemiology of antibiotic resistance has changed. Meanwhile there have been advances in the management of patients with sepsis and microbiology laboratory techniques. Recently new antibiotic combinations have been made available for difficult to treat pathogens and an update on the management of patients with severe infections acquired in the hospital is required.


Want to contribute in a study on Hospital Acquired Blood Stream Infections? Join Eurobact 2.

September 2019: beginning of the study ~ patient recruitment (during 3 months or up to 10 patients per centre)

September 2020: end of the study


Learn more about this study here.

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