September 18, 2020

Working together on common interests and aims

Impressions of the fourth annual EuroAsia Conference, Taipei (Taiwan), 12-13 September 2020


EuroAsia is a platform for our two continents and intensive care communities to embrace the diversity of our distinctive cultures, to build bridges, and to work with each other on common interests and aims, for the benefit of our profession.

This year, our fourth annual EuroAsia Conference, EuroAsia 2020 evolved as a hybrid meeting and took place on 12-13 September, co-hosted by ESICM, the Taiwan Society of Critical Care Medicine (TSCCM) and the Taiwan Society of Emergency Critical Care Medicine (TSECCM), supported by our Asian counterparts.  

With 1,321 onsite delegates, 3,348 online participants, 6 major sponsors and 20 exhibitors, this conference – in view of the difficult circumstances – was an incredibly successful event!

Our common purpose – to help one another and learn together, by exchanging knowledge and data, sharing experiences, research, discussion and advice – was evident throughout, and the conference delivered scientific knowhow, experience, passion, without any barriers.

Our profession is stronger and better for working together, and ESICM would like to give special thanks to the Presidents and staff of the TSCCM and TSECCM, for their exceptional support and hard work, our international faculty for their valuable contributions, our industry partners, for their generous support, and all those who connected across the world, making EuroAsia 2020 a truly unforgettable experience.

Read the report or watch this short visual souvenir and get a taste of the weekend’s events and impressions.

For more information about the conference, visit our EuroAsia 2020 events page.


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