May 9, 2019

Data Science is everything!

Growing need for use of data science


“Data-driven medicine is – and will become – an important mechanism for improving the care and outcome of our patients”, according to the ESICM President.  “We have witnessed at the recent Datathon and in our congress Tech Lounge the enthusiasm for this area – not only among clinicians, but also data scientists, who want to get more involved.”

Speaking to icTV about the new Data Science Section, President elect and organiser of the annual Datathon event, Maurizio Cecconi, explains that data science is “everything”, from how we collect data, create electronic charting, visualise patients’ data and look at physiology and that it was time that the Society created a specific section for this.

Teaching and engaging intensivists to learn that data is “not frightening” and can be used more effectively at the bedside will be one of the Section’s initial goals, as well as the creation of a common European database for clinical purposes, to be used for bench-marking and research.


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