Programme Directors

  • Elie AZOULAY MD, PhD – Professor of Medicine, Specialty Pulmonary Medicine and Critical care, Director of the Medical-ICU of the Saint-Louis Teaching Hospital, Paris, France, President of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine, ESICM.
  • Marlies OSTERMANN MD, PhD – Intensive Care Medicine, Guy’s & St Thomas Hospital, London, United Kingdom.
  • Pedro PÓVOA MD, PhD – Coordinator of the Polyvalent Intensive Care Unit, Hospital de São Francisco Xavier, CHLO, Lisbon, Associate Professor NOVA Medical School, CEDOC, New University of Lisbon, Portugal, Adjunct Professor, Centre for Clinical Epidemiology and Research Unit of Clinical Epidemiology, OUH Odense University Hospital, Denmark.

The incidence of invasive fungal infections has increased steadily over the past decade due to increased numbers of immunocompromised and ICU patients. They represent a matter of concern in ICUs as they can produce infections that range from non-life-threatening superficial disorders to severe invasive diseases involving any organ. 

To improve the outcomes of patients with fungal infections, intensivists need to be aware of the inherent challenges.

The current programme brings together 30 experts from 14 countries to guide our participants through the most up-to-date best practices on bedside management of fungal infections. 

It also integrates digital innovation in the education dimension, induced by rapid and continuous changes caused by technological advances, and will foster the development of inclusive and accessible training where digital technologies become powerful enablers for the “green transition“.

The training programme includes 6 modules available in the ESICM Academy, and combines self-paced learning using multimedia resources and virtual reality. The programme covers:

Module 1 – Understand the Basics 

Module 2 – Antifungals – From the drug to the therapy 

Module 3 – Invasive Aspergillosis in different patient populations 

Module 4 – Challenges in fungal infections – diagnostic, specific patients, therapy of Mucor 

Module 5 – Fungal sepsis and septic shock – integrated approach 

Module 6 – Virtual Reality Experience (VRE)

Therapeutic challenge/management in critically ill patients with invasive fungal infections

This training programme targets residents, fellows and confirmed intensive care specialists from anywhere around the world with a high interest in fungal sepsis.

The programme is open to ALL, ESICM members and non-members alike.

Certificates of achievement with a maximum of 20 CME credits will be provided to those who complete the full training programme.

Supported by an unrestricted educational grant from GILEAD. The programme has not been influenced in any way by its sponsor.

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