EDEC Webinars

As part of the requirements for completion of the EDEC curriculum, prior to sitting the exam, candidates for EDEC certification must participate in advanced courses for a minimum of 40 collected points. These 40 points should include a minimum of 20 points of EDEC webinars (lectures / case discussions).

Participation in EDEC Webinars (one point each session) is reserved exclusively for attendees of the EDEC Advanced course (organised by ESICM) and registered EDEC candidates.  Registration link is provided by the EDEC secretariat.

In 2021, the EDEC webinars are scheduled as follows:

April 14th at 4pm CEST – Thoracic US assessment of COVID-19 patients – Presented by P Mayo & P Vignon
April 21st at 4pm CEST – COVID-19 associated cardiovascular failure – Presented by A Vieillard-Baron & P Vignon
April 28th at 4pm CEST – Fluid resuscitation in ventilated ARDS patients – Presented by P Vignon & P Mayo
May 12th at 11am CEST – Speckle tracking: in whom and how? – Presented by S Orde & D De Backer
May 20th at 9am CEST – Assessment of regional wall motion abnormalities – Presented by M Chew & S Orde
June 2nd at 10am CEST – How to distinguish severe from mild-to-moderate valvular disease? – Presented by B Cholley & S Orde
June 9th at 9am CEST – A shocked patient with atrial fibrillation – Presented by A McLean & N Fletcher
June 21st at 4pm CEST – A patient with systemic embolism – Presented by F Clau-Terre & M Balik
July 1st at 9am CEST – A patient difficult to wean from the ventilator – Presented by M Balik & A McLean
July 7th at 4pm CEST – A patient with suspected valvular prosthesis dysfunction – Presented by N Fletcher & B Cholley

Questions or suggestions? Contact EDEC@esicm.org

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